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Target Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Mitigation Planning

Recent and continuing attacks in the U.S. and abroad in the form of explosive devices and mass shootings have resulted in
horric casualties and signicant damage to buildings, property, infrastructure, and business operations. NEI can help prevent or
limit catastrophic situations and mitigate these risks.

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Today's competitive and challenging environment requires vigilance, and a constant search for useful information. Our investigative team of former prosecutors, federal agents, attorneys, forensic accountants, cyber security and intrusion experts provide the information and intelligence necessary to help identify and avoid risk, mitigate damages, limit financial and legal exposure, and respond to allegations of civil or criminal misconduct.

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NEIG litigation support provides the helping hand that can make a difference in high-stakes litigation.  The outcome of any case depends largely on the quantity and quality of the information and evidence provided to the attorneys handling the matter.  NEIG's litigation support group gathers relevant, meaningful information and evidence, and presents that information to counsel for their consideration and use.

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Due Diligence

An undisclosed fact or undiscovered danger may later present the greatest threat or cause serious harm.  Whether it's a decision to hire a senior executive, acquire a corporate competitor, or close on a business deal, complete and accurate information is essential.  NEIG investigators and analysts research, verify, and accurately report information ethically acquired to help clients make well-informed business and personnel decisions.

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Cyber Security

Electronic communication offers many benefits and significant risks.  The importance of safeguarding intellectual property and preventing the unauthorized access or use of electronic data cannot be overstated. NEIG's computer forensic specialists use state-of-the-art resources to investigate electronic security breaches, and present risk reduction strategies to avoid unauthorized access and unlawful use of electronic data. 

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Welcome to Northeast Intelligence Group, Inc.

Northeast Intelligence Group, Inc. (NEIG) is an investigative firm that delivers reliable information to corporations, law firms, and government agencies so that they can meet challenges, solve problems, advance business interests, mitigate risks, and resolve disputes. NEIG's intelligence gathering and investigative team includes former federal agents, prosecutors, attorneys, accountants, and cyber security and intrusions experts. Many of NEIG's extraordinary group of experienced professionals have conducted or participated in some of the most complex and high profile investigations in the world.

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